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d.j. posner was originally published in her early twenties. Her latest work, Cerebrations of a Flower Child, is an anthology of artfully illustrated photography and skillfully crafted verses for young and old alike. This is her first volume of work in many years and is the result of years spent in pursuing spiritual study along with cultivating a peaceful heart.

On each loving page, you can swing through emotions of laughter, inspiration and melancholy. Posner reveals her distinctive perspective on life and the people who have helped shape her view. She will take you down an enjoyable path with reflective musings of her beloved Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Islands of Sarasota.




After the debut of her inspiring poetry collection, d.j. posner has returned with the second in her series of ‘live well, feel good, love much’ books entitled Life From Under A Tree. This volume is an amusing ode to finding contentment in living an unfettered life.

Her prescription for living with a joy-filled positive heart is simple, inspiring, and is sure to make you smile. Artfully illustrated with her own photography, here is a story that will make you want to get back to your favorite island retreat, even if it’s only to visit the familiar feeling of a fond beach memory.



d.j. posner presents her first work of fiction in a charming story of a young woman’s life path and her ownership and abiding love of the dogs that have walked beside her.

The story follows, Delilah, the main character, from childhood on through the maturing years culminating in the ownership of the world’s most mischievous dog, Miss Pearl Bailey.

The story is told in a humorous style that has become synonymous of Posner’s flair, and the book is artfully illustrated with captivating photography. Readers will swing through the novelette with reactions from laughter to contemplation while they follow the story to the end. It is a must read book, for young and old, that will have you flipping the pages to see what ‘That Double-Dealing Dog’ does next!